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Clair iU Portable Dual Sterilizer with UV-C LED light & Plasma Ionizer

Use to sterilize things you use everyday such as a smartphone, or your laptop/keyboard.

It works by absorbing harmful germs in the air through the plasma and killing them by ionization and decomposition.

<Key Features>

1. UV LED Sterilizer
  - Total of 5 LED Lamps (UV-C & UV-A)
  - Lamps radiate 260nm of UV which offers amazing sterilization effects
2. CPI Technology - Clair Plasma Ionizer
  - Removes germs in the air
3. Strong Sterilization effect and no worries about ozone
4. Compact design
5. Made in Korea

<Size and Specifications>

1. Product Name : iU Portable Dual Sterilizer
2. Model Name : S1PIU
3. Manufacturer : CLAIR, Inc.
4. Power : USB 5V (Micro 5 pin), Battery 1400mAh
5. Size : 47x29x105 mm
6. Weight : 110g