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Get a free K-bird diffuser when purchasing our air purifier in August! (Essential oils not included)
Plenty of Clean Air

Plenty of Clean Air

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We Spend 70% Of Our Time At Home

Clair is the professional-grade home air purifier, helping protect today's home & business. Clair automatically senses, captures, and traps indoor pollutants. It destroys 99.97% of indoor pollutants.

Protect Your Personal Space with Clair's Home Air Purifier

Air Purifiers - Clair America Inc.

Home Office

Work from home? Clearing the air in your workspace is good for your health and could even boost your productivity.

Air Purifiers - Clair America Inc.


You spend 8 hours in the bedroom, and your pillows, mattress, and covers off gas allergens.

Kid playing with building blocks in his room

Kid's Room

Kids are sensitive and spend 10+ hours in their room. Why not try Clean Air to create allergy-free environment?


Air Purifier For Wildfire Smoke - Clair America Inc.

I put Clair's air purifier in a room that is roughly 200 sq ft that reeked of wildfire smoke. Set it on highest setting and closed the door/windows. Within 30 minutes, the smell was GONE. I am thoroughly amazed.

Air Purifier For Wildfire Smoke - Clair America Inc.
Grey Clair air purifier in a living room setting

My old apartment stinks, so I bought 2: one for home office, and the other for my bedroom. Clair purifies and removes odor. Helps my allergy. Love it.

Grey Clair air purifier in a living room setting

Elaine's Clair Experience

Not Just Another Air Purifier

Clair's design was inspired by a birdcage, giving it a sense of unity between its air inlet and outlet structures.

CEPA (Clair's Embossed HEPA Filter) purifies 13% more efficient than traditional HEPA filter.

Clair Air Purifier | White - Clair America Inc.

Clair Stands for Clean Air!

Clair's 4-stage filtration system reduces fine dust and odors to keep indoor air clean. Its 360° filtration covers up to 714 sq ft (66 sqm). Plug & Play. Clair just works!

Clair air purifier's 4-stage filtration system illustrated from left to right depicting what each stage does

Clair Bird is Calming & Refreshing

Simply attach to your Clair’s ventilation grill to diffuse the tart, exuberant scent of black cherry. It cleans away odors and slowly releases a light, fresh scent.

Close-up shot of a White Clair air purifier with an olive bird air freshener attached

Clair K2 HEPA Air Purifier


$89.99 $159.99

A fresh morning awaits you after a night of clean air

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