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3 Clair air purifiers with emphasis on design

Plenty of Clean Air

1 hour of Clair creates 14 days of Clean Air

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We Spend 70% Of Our Time At Home

Clair is the professional-grade air purifier, helping protect today's home & business. Clair automatically senses, captures, and traps indoor pollutants. It destroys 99.97% of indoor pollutants.

Family having a good time playing games with their dog, Clair air purifier in vicinity

Protect Your Personal Space with Clair

Woman on her laptop at home

Home Office

Work from home? Clearing the air in your workspace is good for your health and could even boost your productivity.

Woman laying down on her bed in sleeping position


You spend 8 hours in the bedroom, and your pillows, mattress, and covers off gas allergens.

Kid playing with building blocks in his room

Kid's Room

Kids are sensitive and spend 10+ hours in their room. Why not try Clean Air to create allergy-free environment?


White Clair air purifier with bird air freshener attached on top of a kitchen table

I put Clair in a room that is roughly 200 sq ft that reeked of wildfire smoke. Set it on highest setting and closed the door/windows. Within 30 minutes, the smell was GONE. I am thoroughly amazed.

White Clair air purifier with bird air freshener attached on top of a kitchen table
Grey Clair air purifier in a living room setting

My old apartment stinks, so I bought 2: one for home office, and the other for my bedroom. Clair purifies and removes odor. Helps my allergy. Love it.

Grey Clair air purifier in a living room setting

Elaine's Clair Experience

Not Just Another Air Purifier

Clair's design was inspired by a birdcage, giving it a sense of unity between its air inlet and outlet structures.

CEPA (Clair's Embossed HEPA Filter) purifies 13% more efficient than traditional HEPA filter.

White Clair air purifier with logos covering it's awards and features, such as iF Design Award, AHAM verifide and Energy star approved, 360 degrees coverage, 4-stage filtration system, allergen-friendly, ECARF verified, UV sterilization and more

Clair Stands for Clean Air!

Clair's 4-stage filtration system reduces fine dust and odors to keep indoor air clean. Its 360° filtration covers up to 714 sq ft (66 sqm). Plug & Play. Clair just works!

Clair air purifier's 4-stage filtration system illustrated from left to right depicting what each stage does

Clair Bird is Calming & Refreshing

Simply attach to your Clair’s ventilation grill to diffuse the tart, exuberant scent of black cherry. It cleans away odors and slowly releases a light, fresh scent.

Close-up shot of a White Clair air purifier with an olive bird air freshener attached

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