About Clair

Next to the bed, in child's room, in the car, or on the desk in your office...
Clair finds out that you need a compact and smart air purifier which just fits in your space

The last 10 years, Clair has been designing and manufacturing air purifiers for your personal space to bring clean air and comfort. Our CEO, Woohun Lee, thought it’s unreasonable to put just one air purifier to take responsibility of purifying your entire home, and it makes much more sense having an air purifier perfectly tailored to each room.  From filters to finished products, we develop and produce them ourselves, and now export air purifiers to 24 countries with our own technology. 

Clair technology

We need a different
in our private space

Distinction of Clair air purification technology

There are a lot of noise of TV, air conditioner and fridge in the living room. What about your private room when we take a rest and fell into a sleep? The air purifier near beds or on desks must be quiet, cost-effective and high performance. Clair researches and develops the special filter technology for your private space.

Embossed HEPA technology

Clair developed Embossed true H13 HEPA filter has more surface area for capturing pollutants than traditional HEPA by up to 13%. 

Electret Charging Technology

The core technology that makes electret filter with permanent static, by adding polarities on the filter surface through high voltage current. It can collect ultrafine particles sized less than 0.1μm.

Clair operates factories and R&D center in South Korea 

Assembly Factory

Has 3 blocks at present.
A block for assembly line, B block for product aging and packing line, C block for raw and subsidiary materials warehouse. Additional 3 buildings are for QC and a staff lounge.

Assembly Facilities

250,000 Products are being produced every year with two main assembly lines and one sub assembly line.

Filter Factory

Apartment-type factories in Yong-in Techno Valley(265m2). A room for filter manufacturing facility and the room for raw and subsidiary materials warehouse, office, and meeting space.Y

Filter Facilities

Clair currently manufactures CEPA, HSF, MAF, and the e2f based filters through the exclusive production line. The polyurethane discharging equipment is one of our core assets to produce next gen-filters.

Clair’s History

  • Clair Wireless Foldable Fan – Indiegogo launch

Using our years of experience developing home appliances, we made a hassle free fan that is wireless, rechargeable, and foldable for easy storage. Designed to rotate 120 degrees to your direction of choice, this product makes lounging at home a breeze.
  • myclair AI air purifier launch - with mobile app integration

myclair comes with mobile app integration to easily control the air purifier’s functions, and monitor the status of the fan, sensor, and filter respectively. The app provides current air conditions in your home via the product’s sensor and also regional conditions by collecting data from various monitoring stations. Subscribe to our automatic filter replacement service or order a new filter with the simple click of a button.
Clair's 2020 accomplishments, such as being awarded the iF design award for air purifier, and attending CES 2020 in Las Vegas
  • Attended CES 2020

  • Clair K receives the 2020 iF DESIGN AWARD

Our bread-and-butter product was awarded the 2020 iF DESIGN AWARD.
Clair's 2019 milestones, such as the successful launch of Clair's HC product with CEPA filter, Clair's Embossed H13 True HEPA filter, and attending IFA exhibition in Berlin
  • Clair HC Launch - Beyond HEPA filter

After years of success in selling compact air purifiers, we tried our hand at developing a premium air purifier while adding on our own technology, Clair’s Embossed HEPA filter (CEPA). Through embossing the typical HEPA filter, we effectively gave it 13% more surface area which translates to about 10% better performance.
  • Attended IFA Berlin

  • Attended Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Clair's 2018 milestones, showing a catalog of Clair's collaboration with Mannings, the largest health and beauty product chain store in Hong Kong
  • Clair Partnered with Mannings, Hong Kong’s largest health and beauty product chain store

We partnered with Mannings (think CVS or Watsons), which has over 350 stores in Hong Kong, and conducted a short-term loyalty program. Our air purifiers were highly welcomed by the citizens of Hong Kong, known for preferring smart and compact designs, and sold over 50,000 units in three months.

Clair's 2017 milestones, depicting Clair V, a fridge freshener, inside of a refrigerator, and near fruits
  • Clair V Fridge freshener launch

We developed this product to reduce any unwanted odors people may face when opening their refrigerator, reaching 100,000 units sold in the first year.
Clair's 2016 milestones, such as featuring their products at the iF Design exhibition
  • Invited to the iF design exhibition in Germany

Every year since 1953, the iF DESIGN AWARD identifies outstanding design, its relevance for business and everyday life and awards one of the most important seals of quality in the world. We were thrilled to have the chance to display our product at one of their exhibitions.
Clair's 2015 milestones, such as a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a handheld airpurifier, Clair B, and being awarded the 2015 Good Design award by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy in South Korea
  • Clair B – Successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (received 207% of fund goal)

From big to compact, then compact to handheld. We developed a portable air purifier that is the perfect size for environments such as your car, office workspace, study room, etc.
After seeing success domestically, we looked towards crowdfunding on Kickstarter as a means to enter the US market.
  • 2015 Good Design Award winner – Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

The South Korean government grants this award to products that are not only exteriorly elegant, but also maintain an exceptional purpose of use, function, and economic feasibility.

Clair's 2014 milestones, such as the incorporation of Clair, Inc. and successfully launching 2 air purifier products back to back, the Clair Ring and Clair Wind

  • Clair Incorporated

It’s unreasonable to put the responsibility of purifying your whole home on 1 air purifier. Our CEO, Woohun Lee, realized that it makes much more sense having an air purifier perfectly tailored to each room, and built Clair on this foundation.
  •  Clair Ring & Wind Launch - First Generation of Clair

In a market saturated with bigger air purifiers, we released high-performance, smart, compact air purifiers. Something unheard of at that time.


Gyeonggi-do Gwangju Plant

Has 3 blocks at present. A block for assembly line, B block for product aging and packing line, C block for raw and subsidiary materials warehouse. Additional 3 buildings are for QC and a staff lounge.