Introducing the Clair K2 Air Purifier: Your Home’s New Best Friend

Introducing the Clair K2 Air Purifier: Your Home’s New Best Friend | Clair
The Clair K2 provides you with advanced filtration methods in one sleek design. This modern, yet traditional looking device will bring fresh air inside your home while seamlessly enhancing any space it's placed near!


Allergy-friendly K2 air purifier

Air purifiers are designed to remove airborne pollutants from the air in a room. This process removes allergens, dust, pollen, smoke, and other airborne particles from the air. As a result, it can significantly improve the quality of the air in a room and make it easier for those with allergies to breathe. clair air purifier is certified by ECARF. The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the harmful effects of allergies and supports research for allergic diseases and treatments.

Filtration system with Embossed H13 True HEPA Filter

clair 4-stage clean air filtration system
Washable pre-filter captures big pollutants like hair and large dust.
The CEPA Filter seizes small airborne particles 0.1 microns in to keep your home clean at all times. clair developed the embossed true H13 HEPA filter which has more surface area for capturing pollutants than traditional HEPA filters, up to 13% more. Activated CARBON FILTER which removes odors from cooking, smoking, pet, new house & furniture items.
The harmful contaminants captured in the filter can't survive thanks to Violet Blue LED sterilization technology. 

Air quality Managing

clair auto mode with PM2.5 dust sensor and 4-color LED indicator
clair's K2 air purifier features an automatic air quality management system that constantly monitors and adjusts the fan speed to ensure optimal air quality. This advanced system is able to detect the presence of PM 2.5 dust particles, and will adjust the fan speed accordingly to keep your air clean and healthy. With clair's K2 air purifier, you can rest assured that your air is always safe and healthy.


clair K2 air purifier design
The clair K2 air purifier has a distinctive design that is inspired by a bird cage, giving it a sense of unity between its air inlet and outlet structures. The accessory, which is the diffuser, also has a shape of a little bird. This makes the clair K2 air purifier stand out from other models on the market. The design is both beautiful and functional, and it helps to create a calm and relaxing environment. This modern filtration system brings fresh air inside your home while enhancing any space with its sleek lines that will make it look amazing!

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