The Importance Of Proper Air Circulation In The House

Importance Of Proper Air Circulation In The House | Clair


Thanks to modern advancements in technology, we don't have to put up with cold temperatures in our homes anymore. Because of this, it's very easy to shut all the windows when the cold weather comes around, and keep the cold air out. 

This helps you keep warm, but the problem is it contributes to a lack of good air circulation. That can lead to a whole range of problems that you want to tackle, before the problems get too bad in your home. Here's why air circulation is so important, and how you can keep air moving around.

Why Air Circulation Is So Important

There are so many reasons why you need to open the windows in your home and allow the fresh air in. Here's some reasons that you need to be aware of:

Prevent the build up of mold: Mold is something that most homeowners worry about. Once it starts growing in your home, you'll find it tricky to get rid of. Not only does it ruin the look of a room, it's also a very serious health hazard. If you're breathing in mold spores, over time they're going to cause damage to your health.

Keeping air circulating stops mold from building up over time, as the spores won't be blown away by the breeze. There's also the issue with humidifiers, too. If you're allowing fresh air in you'll need to use them less, and that reduction in moisture will stop mold from spreading.

Stop pollutants from building up: There are all kinds of things that create pollutants in the air. There are the obvious ones, such as carbon monoxide that comes from traffic out on the road. However, you have thought about the other things that are acting as a pollutant? For example, the cleaning products you use can release toxins into the air. Even new furniture can off gas harmful chemicals.

That's why you need to ensure there's proper air flow in your home. When this is the case, these pollutants can be circulated out of the house, and not allowed to build up over time.

Reduce allergens in your home: When the spring comes around, you're still tempted to keep the windows shut. That's because you'll see allergens like pollen making their way into the home, and making allergies worse. However, by doing this you're actually creating more problems.

Any allergens that come into your home, such as through the HVAC or when a door is opened, will end up trapped there. That just makes those allergies worse over time. Then, there's the issue of other pollutants, such as dust. You'll be cleaning up as much as you can, but without proper airflow it can just build up with nowhere to go.

As you can see, a lot of these points show how diffusing the air in your home keeps it cleaner. When more air is mixed in with all the other things in the atmosphere, it'll help force the negative materials out into the atmosphere. 

How To Improve Your Air Quality

Now you know just how important it is to take care of the air quality in your home. Now you're aware of it, how can you ensure that you're getting the best air quality? You'll need to ensure you're getting proper air circulation. Here's how to do it.

Open the windows: An obvious point, but one that does need to be made. If you're opening the windows, even if just for a few minutes each day, that's going to help the air circulate. You're allowing that fresh air in, and the old stale air back out.

One of the best ways to get good circulation is to get a cross breeze. To do this, open windows that are opposite each other, at opposite ends of the house. When you do this, the air can flow right through and keep everything fresh.

Declutter your home: Yes, this can really help with air circulation. There are going to be some stagnant spots in your home, where you get poor air flow. This can be behind drapes, behind furnishings, cluttered rooms, and so on. The point is, the less there is in a room, the better the air can flow around it. 

This doesn't mean that you need to go through your home and get rid of everything. You just need to do a declutter, thinking about what you need and what you don't. Just clearing out a cabinet and removing things you don't need will help a lot in the long run.

Invest in an air purifier: These go a long way towards improving the air quality in any home. These machines use HEPA filters, and draw in air through them. The HEPA filter can capture even the smallest particles, such as smoke and pollen. Then, the cleaner air is pushed out, making the atmosphere cleaner.

These are great options for when it's harder to open the windows and get clean air that way. If it's the middle of winter, or you live on a road with a lot of traffic, you'll want to find other ways to combat the air pollution. An air purifier is just what you need.

Look at your HVAC: Your HVAC system will be working to move air around your home, either heating it or cooling it to your needs. Typically it draws in fresh air to do so, but if you're not cleaning out your air filters, then it's actually pushing polluted air around. If allergies are worse in your home, or there's dust on your belongings when the HVAC is on, that's a sign the filters need to be changed.

This is fairly easy to do, so check the instructions on your unit and switch out your filters for cleaner air.


There are lots of ways you can improve the air circulation in your home. Use these tips to stay on top of the air flow in your home, and make it as good as it can be.

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