How Air Purifiers for Smoke Can Help

How Air Purifiers for Smoke Can Help | Clair America


Ask most people about air quality and what can make it less pure, and they will probably reply ‘smoke’. This is certainly true. Smoke in your home isn’t a pleasant odor, and what’s more, it can actually be really harmful to your health.

What is the answer? A good-quality air purifier.

Today we will show you how air purifiers for smoke can help make the air in your home much better quality.

Where Does Smoke Come from In Your Home? | 5 Everyday Sources

There are several ways in which smoke can enter or be found inside your home.

Here are some great examples:

1. Traffic Pollution and Exhaust Fumes

While fresh countryside air is considered to be the purest, we don’t all have that luxury. If you live in a busy area or large city, you have probably noticed that the air in your home is not as fresh as it could be. When you consider that traffic fumes contain many harmful compounds, it makes sense to purchase something that can continuously remove those compounds.

2. Kitchen Smoke

We can’t always be a whizz in the kitchen, and even if you are, some dishes require cooking on high heat that creates a lot of smoke. If you’ve ever felt your eyes burning while cooking in the kitchen, you have probably been breathing in smoke at the same time.

A good air purifier can remove harmful elements caused by kitchen smoke.

3. Wildfire Smoke

Depending on where you live, you might notice a change in the air quality in and around wildfire season.

Wildfires can spread smoke. Sometimes this can travel hundreds of miles away from a blaze too!

Breathing in even a tiny amount of smoke particles over a longer period can damage your health.

4. Cigarette Smoke

If you are a smoker, you may not notice, but cigarette smoke can permeate practically every fabric in your home. Passive smoking is also a real danger to others.

An air purifier can help to remove the toxic elements of cigarette smoke. It is also great at removing odor from your home. So if you have decided to quit (congratulations) and want fresher air as part of your new lifestyle, then an air purifier could be a really great option.

5. Solid Fuel Burners

While a solid fuel burner can be seen as both cozy and classy, you have probably noticed that any home that contains one smells slightly smoky. If you own one yourself, all it takes is for the wind to change, and the smoke leaving the chimney ends up in your living space. 

Is Smoke in Your Home Dangerous?

Having any smoke in your home is not a good thing. While it isn’t as immediately dangerous as it would be when concentrated following a fire, breathing in smoke little and often can still be really damaging to your health.

Here are some of the compounds found within the various types of smoke that may enter your home from various sources:

  • Bromine
  • Lead
  • Benzenes
  • Formaldehyde
  • Tar
  • Black Carbon
  • Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons
  • And many more…

Is smoke in your home bad for your health? Absolutely. It can be carcinogenic, in plain terms, cancer-causing. Even without the carcinogenic element, there are a great many harms associated with smoke in your home. It can cause the following: 

  • A reduction in lung function
  • Aggravation of existing health conditions such as Asthma and Emphysema
  • Eye, nose, and throat irritation
  • A trigger for headaches and allergies
  • Chronic Bronchitis

Air purifiers can work effectively to reduce all of the above. 

How Do Air Purifiers Reduce Smoke in Your Home?

Smoke particles are larger than air molecules. This is a good thing as it means that they can be trapped in a filter while the purer, cleaner air is allowed to pass through.

How do air purifiers for smoke work?

Air purifiers draw in ambient air and force it under pressure through several different layers. As the air passes each layer, harmful particles and elements cannot pass through the filter and are held in place. This is a good thing considering that the alternative is breathing them in!

Many air purifiers contain what is known as a high-efficiency particulate air filter, or simply ‘HEPA’ for short. To meet the HEPA standard, filters must reach a certain level of efficiency. All of the air purifiers supplied by Clair Air meet the HEPA standard

What Are the Benefits of Air Purifiers?

Air purifiers can benefit your health and wellbeing in several ways:

They Lessen and Alleviate Respiratory Illnesses

Suppose you struggle to breathe or have noticed constant irritation. In that case, a good-quality air purifier can help lessen the symptoms. Smoke prevents those without conditions from breathing, so it can take a real toll on your wellbeing, even in small quantities.

The Remove Odors

The filters in a Clair Air purifier are so effective that they even remove odors! Whether that is the smell of smoke, fumes, cooking, or even pet smells, an air purifier can help.

Air Purifiers Reduce the Harmful Effects of Smoke in the Home

Smoke isn’t actually a gas but is made up of countless atoms of things like hydrocarbons. Because these are bigger than air molecules, they can be trapped by an effective HEPA filter, meaning the air you breathe will be smoke-free if you use an air purifier,

They Improve Sleep Quality

Bad and continuous smells, such as smoke, can really affect your sleep quality. By having the ability to remove these odors, you should find that you get a better night’s sleep.

They Remove Irritants

Even if you have no underlying health conditions, you may occasionally feel ‘chesty’. The culprit could be smoke and fumes in your home. Smoke can really irritate mucous membranes in your nose, eyes, and throat. Removing these irritants will leave you feeling much more comfortable.


The Clair Air Purifier features a high-quality and efficient HEPA filter. They also contain an additional activated carbon filter that helps to neutralize and remove toxic gases (such as those found in smoke). They work quickly and effectively to improve the air quality in your home.

Why not take a look at Clair Air purifiers for smoke, and you’ll be able to see how great they really are!

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