What Are The Benefits of Sleeping With an Air Purifier?

What Are The Benefits of Sleeping With an Air Purifier? | Clair America

What are the benefits of sleeping with an air purifier? In short, a better night's sleep. Learn why air purifiers will change your nightly sleep.

If you have been feeling a little run down or under the weather lately, it could be due to poor sleep quality. Getting a good night's rest can be difficult at the best of times, but there are certain aspects that you can bring under your control. Air quality is one of these aspects. Think air quality doesn't affect your sleep quality? Think again. What are the benefits of sleeping with an air purifier? There's plenty! Read on to find out more!

How Do Air Purifiers Increase Sleep Quality?

There are lots of ways air purifiers can help you get a better quality of sleep. If in doubt, give one a go. Here are some of the key benefits of sleeping with an air purifier: 

Air Purifiers Reduce Allergens

Ever had one of those nights where you feel like you can't breathe and there's no air. How about lying in bed and feeling all itchy?

We've all been there. 

The cause could be something that you are unaware of.


Even those undiagnosed may have slight allergies to certain particles. This could be things like pet dander, pollen, or even dust! Even if you do manage to nod off, there is a good chance that, as you are sleeping, allergens could be causing you to wake momentarily to micro cough, taking you out of your most restful sleep phases.

A good quality air purifier will remove all of the allergens from the air, leading to less overall irritation and a good night's sleep.

Healthy Lungs and Heart

A healthy respiratory system is vital to getting better quality sleep. Heart conditions and other cardiovascular diseases prevent people from sleeping well. In a vicious cycle, sleeping poorly can make these conditions worse.

By removing impurities in the air and allowing sleepers to breathe more easily, air purifiers create a more restful environment, which can help the body stay healthy. 

Reducing Strong Smells

Strong smells can be a natural enemy to sleep. Whether it is something wafting up the stairs from the kitchen, or pet odors, pungent smells can prevent you from nodding off. What's more, they can also influence your sleep quality once you are asleep, keeping parts of the brain active when they should be resting.

The answer is an air purifier. Some air purifiers are capable of neutralizing foul odors in a matter of seconds. They will remove pet smells, cooking smells, and even ambient smells that have drifted in from outside with high-quality filters. 

Reduces Germs

If you've ever felt a little 'off-color,' you'll already know how badly this can impact your sleep quality. Viral particles, AKA the common cold, can lead to days of sleepless nights as you lie coughing and sneezing.

While some air purifiers remove particles, they don't get rid of germs. A good quality air purifier will deal with virus particles and germs too. The key often lies in the final filtration stage. The air is bombarded with ultraviolet light before being emitted into the room.

UV light kills most airborne germs, ensuring that the air around you is 100% free of harmful bugs that will undoubtedly inhibit sleeping well.

White Noise?

While some people shy away from noise in their bedroom, white noise, such as a low and continuous humming, has been found actually to aid people in getting to sleep quicker.

Let us ask you a question.

Which is better? A completely silent room where every single knock awakes you, peep and cheep from outside. Or, a low, steady, and unobtrusive sound that masks exterior noise and allows you to drift off relatively easily?

Provided you invest in a good quality air purifier, you'll find the balance of white noise and quiet actually helps you fall asleep much faster. And, you'll notice it if it isn't there! 

Is It Okay to Leave an Air Purifier on All Night?

A great air purifier isn't like an air conditioning unit that switches on and off. You will want pure air in your bedroom all the time. For that reason, they are purposefully designed to be left running all day, every day. 

It is not a good thing to switch them off and on too much, better to just them run. And run, and run! 

You want a continuous stream of purified air through the night as you sleep. It is worth noting that this is how air purifiers, such as the Clair Air purifier, are supposed to work. With the customer in mind, they have been engineered to an extremely high standard, so they will not suffer from malfunctions, overheating and will certainly not release anything harmful.

If you are worried about cost, you needn't be. Air purifiers use about the same level of electricity as a standard lightbulb.

Do Air Purifiers Make the Air Dry?

Air purifiers do not make the air dry. The only things removed from the air are the contaminants and particles that are bad for your sleep. No moisture is added or taken away. HEPA filters sieve out the bad and purify the good before releasing the purified existing air back into your room.

It is also worth noting that an air purifier will not make your room warmer either, and they do not contain a temperature element. Instead, ambient air is forced through several membranes to filter the air. This, along with a UV light and small motor, are the only things that an air purifier should contain.


What are the benefits of sleeping with an air purifier? In short, a better night's sleep. You'll be breathing fresher air and will reduce irritants allowing you to slumber to your heart's content. Clair Air purifiers are relatively quiet in their operation, and they are a leader in providing the purest air, making them ideal for bedroom use.

Why not check out our website and see the technology that goes into making your nights more restful!

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