Clean Air Benefits and How an Air Purifier Can Help

Clean Air Benefits, How an Air Purifier Can Help | Clair America


Breathing is something we all do every day constantly. As a result, poor-quality air can begin to take a lasting toll on our health. While changes in air quality can be slow to arrive in a larger area, there are areas where you can influence air quality directly, and quickly too!

Today we will look at clean air benefits and how an air purifier can help.

What are the Benefits of Cleaner Air?

Breathing air is obviously vital to our survival, but you do get a choice on how pure the air is that you breathe.


High-quality air purifiers can make a massive difference. It isn't just about odors or pollutants either.

Here is a full list of benefits from breathing cleaner, purer air:

1. Improved Concentration and Memory

Have you ever tried to think clearly in a crowded or polluted place, such as on the freeway or in the subway?

There's a reason why people go to the great outdoors to clear their heads.

Breathing in pollutants and fumes even in small amounts can begin to cause a decline in mental faculty. Conversely, purer air allows your brain to operate at peak efficiency, making it easier to perform mental tasks.

2. Better Respiratory Health

The air around you contain all kinds of particles, many of which are detrimental to your respiratory system.

Dust can cause sore throats and coughs. Strong smells can irritate the linings of your nostrils and throat, and pollutants constantly being breathed in can actually make their way into your bloodstream!

Provided you choose a good air purifier with a HEPA filter, the overwhelming majority of these particles are quickly and easily removed. Better air means better breathing. It's that simple.

3. A Reduction in Allergens

While we all look forward to the summer, some people dread it. And for a good reason.

Hay fever can be a nightmare for those adversely affected.

Feeling like you have had a cold for six months? No, thanks.

Allergens are the body reacting to something that it sees as a threat, producing a hysteric response. This could be pollen in hay fever suffers, but it is just as likely to be things like pet dander or even dust.

Air purifiers completely remove allergens from the air within your home, giving you a respite from itches and sniffles.

4. A Reduction in Virus Particles

Do you know what can make anyone feel really lousy?


These little bugs trigger an immune response in the body, leading to high temperatures and a general feeling of malady.

It is now possible to get air purifiers that not only filter the air. They treat it too. Some air purifiers feature an ultraviolet filter layer as the last stage of their purification process. Viruses particles are killed by being bombarded with UV light.

As a result, you can be certain that the air you are breathing is completely germ and virus-free. This is about as pure as it gets.

5. Better Sleep

It's a simple fact that being able to sleep better leads to many great health benefits. Sleeping well allows your body to regenerate, plus you wake up the next day feeling great.

Many things can affect your sleep, poor air quality being among them.

Strong smells, dusty air, and pollutants can all cause restlessness, especially for people who suffer from other underlying health conditions.

An air purifier offers you the best night's sleep. What's more, they create a soft white noise that can help to drown out other, more disturbing sounds.

6. A More Positive Mood

Have you ever been feeling down or stressed, and somebody has told you to "take a deep breath'?

There's a reason for this.

Taking a few deep lungs full of air can do wonders for your well-being. If taking a few deep breaths makes you feel better, imagine what it must be like breathing pure air 100% of the time?

Breathing well is the key to keeping a positive and upbeat mindset. If you think of other disciplines that follow this philosophy, such as yoga and mediation, and the results they bring, you should see that using an air purifier is an easy choice.

7. Better Skin Condition

If you've ever worked in any environment with poor air quality, you'll already know the effect that this has on your skin.

You can literally feel, taste, and often smell the air around you for those living in built-up areas. In heavily affected areas, a residue of dirt can build up on your skin, not to mention in your airways over an extended period.

The good news is that air purifiers have a filter that can completely trap and remove these sorts of particles. Combined with the effect of being free to breathe deeply and the oxygen saturation that will come. As a result, air purifiers can leave your skin looking refreshed and radiant over time.

How Does an Air Purifier Clean the Air?

Air purifiers work by forcing air through several filtration stages. As the air passes each stage, different harmful elements are removed.

The key letters you want to see are HEPA. This stands for "high-efficiency particulate absorbing." High efficiency is the important part. These trap 99% of particles in the air, allowing only pure air to pass through back into your room.

How efficient are they?

Well, in Clair Air purifiers, a single hour's use can produce enough pure air to last for 14 days! Imagine what it is like when it is constantly running?

The range of Clair Air purifiers all contains a HEPA filter. Combined with this is a UV light that is capable of killing germs and viruses, meaning the air you breathe in your home will be clear of both pollutants and viruses, allowing you to enjoy all of the clean air benefits we have listed above.

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