7 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Living at Home

7 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Living at Home | Clair America


We’d all love to be a little healthier. Getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard work, nor does it need to be a chore. By making a few simple changes that you can stick to, you’ll find that a healthier lifestyle is actually pretty easy to maintain. What changes?

Well, today we are going to give you 7 tips for maintaining a healthy living at home. They are all really easy and effective. Read on to find out more.

How Do You Maintain a Healthy Living?

Healthy living is all about adapting a balanced approach.

We’ve all been guilty of committing to running a thousand miles a week and dieting like there is no tomorrow.

Is this sustainable? Not really.

It is all about making several smaller changes that add to a bigger (and healthier) whole.

In the last couple of years, many things have made healthy living harder. Covid-19, and the restrictions that have been mandated, have resulted in people feeling less healthy.

Why not change this right now?

We may have been (or still be) in our home more time than we’d like, but there are a few ways to manage your health while at home.

Let’s take a look at some easy-to-implement suggestions for healthy living at home.

7 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Living at Home

1. Stay Hydrated

Water is one of the key elements to staying healthy. Aside from providing your body with what it needs to keep cells in good working order, it also prevents mucous membranes in the nose and throat from drying out.

If you’ve ever been sick, most people will tell you to drink plenty of fluids, and this is good advice.

If your home has air conditioning or you are working from home with the heating on, both can lead to dry noses and throats, making a rhinovirus, such as COVID-19, more likely to take hold.

2. Be Physically Active

The snag with being sedentary is that it reduces your inclination to get out and about.

It might be time to make a change.

Even moderate exercise for a few minutes a day can boost good mood endorphins (and it is also good for weight loss).

If you are working out at home, you might be out of breath. Taking big gulps of pure air is far better than inhaling dust particles, pollutants, and other irritants.

3. Get Plenty of Sunlight

Sunlight invokes a vitamin D response in the body, which is essential for fighting off infections and improving mood and is vital for generating new cells.

Sunlight also has another great feature. It kills germs.

If you are working in a room that isn’t the brightest, there is another solution. Some air purifiers also output air that has been subject to UV treatment, meaning all bacteria and virus particles have been completely destroyed.

4. Turn the TV Off

Mental health is just as important as physical health. With rolling news and global events streaming into our homes 24/7, it is easy to get overwhelmed and feel in low spirits.

If you are at home often, have a break from the outside world and switch the television off.

What to do instead?

Check out or next suggestion…

5. Breathing Exercises

Breathing and meditation are absolutely great for your health. Both physically and mentally. From a mental point of view, you can switch off, relax, gain some inner peace, and reduce stress and anxiety.

From a physical point of view, by controlling your breathing and taking deeper breaths, you are flooding your body with oxygen. This improves things such as concentration, memory and increases attention span.

Breathing in pure air is even better for your well-being. An air purifier can really help to achieve this. What’s more, they are really quiet, so they won’t be intrusive or affect your concentration.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the key tenets of a healthy lifestyle.

When you sleep well, your body is given plenty of opportunities to rest and regenerate. People who sleep better are at reduced risk of illnesses.

For those who struggle to sleep because of health conditions, an air purifier can lead to a more restful night’s sleep, lessening symptoms both during the night and during the day.

Many things can affect the quality of your sleep. Dusty air or air with strong smells can actually disturb your sleep, even when you are not aware of it!

7. Create a Relaxing Environment

If you are spending time at home, you want it to be as nice an environment as possible. Candles and soft lighting are a great way to make your room really relaxing.


Be aware of having too many candles. While they do smell fantastic, candles can introduce carbon elements into the air as a result of burning. Strong smells can become overpowering and even induce feelings of nausea and headaches.

The solution? Consider removing these smells and elements completely at the touch of a button.

Whether it is pet odor, cooking smells, or a candle that has burned for just a little too long, air purifiers can rid the room of strong smells in seconds.

The Overall Benefits of an Air Purifier on Healthy Living

Part of being healthy is making positive changes to the elements you can control.

Having clean air at home is one of those elements.

Air purifiers can offer lots of advantages to making for a healthier home environment. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy with a Clair Air purifier:

  • HEPA filtered air that is free of contaminants and irritants.
  • Quiet all-day performance.
  • The purest, highest quality air.
  • Air that is free of viruses and germs.
  • A better nights sleep.
  • A home that is free of smells and odors.


Clair Air purifiers have an unparalleled level of performance, with an activated charcoal filter and UV light to remove virtually all harmful elements from the air in your home. It’s a small change that you can make right away that will lead to better health at home in both the short and the long term.

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