Make your shower a skin care therapy session

A wellness shower protects sensitive skin from damage.

enjoy the beauty effects of vitamin C, chlorine removal function, moisturizing, and aromatherapy effects

✅ 3 months replacement cycle(Water quality varies)

✅ FDA Registered

✅ Easy installation

*KS Standard, fits with most common faucets, hoses, Diameter approximately 20mm

🔎What it Does

[Chlorine Residue Removal from Tap Water]

Clair shower filter contains a specially formulated gel-type natural vitamin C, which slowly dissolves into the water to effectively eliminate chlorine residues in tap water that can

trigger skin disorders.

[Moisturizing Effect]

 The milk powder and glycerin/collagen contained in the filter soften the skin like silk and remove dead skin cells, providing intense hydration that leaves the skin radiant and supple.

[Vitamin C Benefits]

✓ Antioxidant action of vitamin C protects skin cells damaged by UV rays and prevents skin aging.

✓ Inhibits melanin synthesis, enhancing brightening effects.

✓ Stimulates collagen production for resilient and firm skin.

✓ Prevents dryness, improving conditions like atopic dermatitis and skin troubles.

[Sediment Removal Effect]

Clair Vitamin Shower filter incorporates a dual-layered structure with thick mesh and ultra-fine non woven fabric, excellently remove sediment deposited in the pipes.

⭐Key Ingredients:

[Milk Powder]

Helps improve skin tone by removing dead skin cells without causing dryness, and effectively moisturizes the skin.

[Vitamin C]

Effective against skin elasticity reduction, aging, and freckles, while assisting in maintaining healthy and resilient hair.

[Natural Glycerin/Collagen]

Colorless, odorless liquid, acts as a natural moisturizer with excellent ability to absorb moisture from the air, aiding in improving conditions like atopic dermatitis, cracked skin on hands and feet, acne, and various skin disorders.


Promotes cell regeneration and protects the cell membrane surface, preventing moisture loss and cellular damage, thereby maintaining moist skin.


Prevents skin dryness, absorbs impurities from sebum, and assists in skin beautification due to its tocopherol content.