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 Clair V2 Ionizer Air Purifier / deodorizer 

<Key Features>

1. Antibacterial deodorization
 - Removal of causative bacteria and odors at the same time.
2. Semi-permanent use
 - Use for over 10 years by replacing the AA battery (4 AA size batteries)
3. Convenient mobility
 - Place wherever you want to use
  * Refrigerator, Toilet, Shoe box, Closet
4. One touch operation
 - Anyone can control by easy instructions.

<Size and Specifications>
1. Product Name : V2 Ionic Air Purifier
2. Model Name : V2FD
3. Manufacturer : CLAIR, Inc.
4. Power Consumption : 0.3W
5. Size : 68x39x142 mm
6. Weight : 0.25kg