7 Reasons Why You Need an Ozone Free Air Purifier

7 Reasons Why You Need an Ozone Free Air Purifier | Clair America


Air purifiers are designed to increase your overall well-being and ensure that the air you breathe in your home or business is as good as it gets. However, there is a real downside with certain air 'purifiers.' Ozone can be harmful to human health, which defeats the object.

Today, we will show you 7 reasons why you need an ozone free air purifier.

What is Ozone?

Before we delve into why ozone free air purifiers are a good thing, it is worth looking at what Ozone actually is.

Most people will be familiar with Ozone. In some ways, it can be a good thing… When it is many miles above is in the upper atmosphere. Ozone, specifically the ozone layer, blocks harmful UV light from the sun.

At ground level, it is a different story. It's time for a quick dive into some science.

You'll commonly hear the oxygen we breathe referred to as O2. The '2' in 'O2' refers to the number of oxygen molecules. Ozone is referred to as O3. It has an extra oxygen molecule. This isn't a good thing.


The extra molecule is unstable. It is keen to fly off and attach itself to other things, like smoke, viruses, and odor particles. While this is good for neutralizing bad smells and killing germs, O3 (or 'ozone' if you prefer) readily attaches to other organic materials, including the tissue in your lungs!

Ozone is made by ionizing the air. This means that the air is subject to a large electrical charge in very simple terms. This is essentially how ozone air purifiers work by adding an electrical charge to the air as it exits the purifier.

So, Ozone kills germs, blocks UV, and removes odors and impurities. That can only be a good thing?

Actually, no. Ozone is harmful to human health.

Air purifiers are supposed to increase your health and vitality. To that end, here are 7 reasons why you need an ozone free air purifier.

7 Reasons Why You Need an Ozone Free Purifier

1. The EPA classifies Ozone as 'Harmful'

The United States Environmental Protection Agency classifies Ozone as harmful. According to the EPA website, Ozone in excessive amounts is a key component of pollution and bad air quality. Precisely the opposite of what an air purifier should be removing.

They also note that Ozone is the main ingredient in 'smog'.

If the Environmental Protection Agency has seen fit to mention it, you can be reasonably assured that ground-level Ozone, especially in your home, is not something you want. 

2. Ozone Causes Breathing Problems

As we said before, O3 is referred to as 'unstable'. It readily attaches to any other molecule. This includes lung cells.

The end result?

Even a small amount of inhaled Ozone can cause chest irritation. While this is unpleasant in the short term, it can also encourage infections in the long term.

Ozone free air purifiers still remove contaminants from the air. They do this using high-efficiency filters. Some even kill viruses using a UV light filtration stage, without the need for Ozone. They can remove odors too.

3. Ozone Can Cause Throat Issues

What is bad for your lungs is also bad for your throat. Ozone can also harm the delicate cells lining your airways, causing coughing and irritation.

If you are already suffering from sore throats due to pollution and contaminants, adding more 'smog' to the air isn't going to help.

A better solution would be to choose a product that actively traps contaminants in an activated charcoal layer, ensuring the air you breathe is as pure as it can be.

4. It's a Barrier to Effective Exercise

There's no nicer feeling than working out and feeling that your body is in peak shape. Part of the feeling of 'being fit' is an ability to take a deep breath of fresh air.

An Ozone producing air purifier actually inhibits this. In this case, the harder you breathe, the more Ozone you are introducing to your system.

Instead, it makes real sense to choose an air purifier that isn't going to produce this effect, especially when you are trying your best to stay healthy.

5. Ozone Reduces Immune Responses

There are numerous studies that show that Ozone inhibits the body's natural immune responses to viruses and pathogens. So, not only will breathing in ozone cause irritation, but it could also allow your body to be adversely affected in the long term. It literally opens the door to foreign invaders that are harmful to your health.

Air purifiers like the Clair Air purifier are not just Ozone free. They have a final filtration system that actively kills bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. So, you are doubly protected.

6. It Exacerbates Allergies

Many of us have allergies that are manageable. Ozone air purifiers cause coughing and irritation, changing an allergic reaction from something minor to something major. The last thing you need is for allergic symptoms to be made any worse.

It may be the case that you are looking for an air purifier because you live in an area with many allergens (either natural or man-made). It makes sense to look for a purifier that helps relieve your symptoms.

7. Ozone Air Purifiers Can't be Run Constantly

Air purifiers, like the Clair K2, are designed to be run constantly, keeping the air in your home fresh and pure. This isn't the case with Ozone introducing air purifiers, which are only designed to be used sporadically.

What's more, as we said above, the air needs to be electrically charged. This comes at a high cost as it requires a lot of energy.


Clair Air Inc. produces high-quality, Ozone free, HEPA air purifiers. They work efficiently to remove practically all contaminants from the air in your home. This does include viruses.

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