Work in Comfort with an Office Air Purifier

Work in Comfort with an Office Air Purifier | Clair America


Recently, many of us have been confined to the office longer than we'd like to have been. Whether you are working from a home office or are venturing in for your 9 – 5, an air purifier can offer a surprising number of benefits. Why get an office air purifier? Well, there are plenty of reasons.

Here's all you need to know about why an office air purifier can help you work in comfort.

What Are the Benefits of an Office Air Purifier?

Just as in your home, an air purifier in the office can provide many benefits. When you think about it, if you work in an office, you spend at least a third of your day there. Doesn't it make sense to breathe the purest air possible if this is the case?

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with an office air purifier: 

Increased Concentration

Let's face it, we all get distracted when we are at work. Keeping your concentration can be difficult. Your brain gets more oxygen by breathing deeply and regularly, making clear thought much easier. What's more, having increased oxygen levels in your blood means a slower and steadier heart rate.

Going into the office might be stressful enough. Still, with more brainpower and the ability to focus on the task at hand, you'll be even more productive. 

Take a Deep Breath

We appreciate that not everybody's job is easy, and there will be times when it is all too much. It is common knowledge that taking a few deep breaths can help you focus and relax.

However, the last thing you'll want to be doing when you are stressed is taking in a deep lungful of poor-quality air.

An air purifier means you can breathe deeply when it all gets too much, safe in the knowledge that the air you are taking in is as pure as it gets.

Better than Being Outdoors?

Often offices are entirely sealed, relying on systems such as air conditioning to provide fresh and temperature-controlled air.

If your office is relatively enclosed or sealed, this means that any pollutants are sealed in there with you.

Obviously, that is not a good thing.

The good news is that an air purifier will circulate the air. Each time it passes through the filter, it is entirely cleansed of any impurities. Because it is designed to run constantly, this process is repeated again and again, removing any pollutants that have been added in the meantime.

Removal of Odors

There is nothing more irritating than being distracted when working. If this distraction comes from bad smells or odors, such as someone cooking something questionable in the break room, it can be really off-putting.

An office air purifier is an ideal solution.

Not only do they remove impurities, but they also remove strong smells too. Keep an eye out for air purifiers with an activated carbon layer. This absorbs and neutralizes odors in seconds.

Fume Removal

While we can often choose where we live, we don't always get to decide where we work. You could be unfortunate and have an office located in an area where the air quality is really poor. Being trapped between sitting in a stuffy office or having fumes enter from outside when you open the window is enough to make anyone quit.

Air purifiers in the office can remove fumes from outside. This includes things such as: 

  • Traffic fumes
  • Ozone
  • Wood smoke
  • Industrial smells
  • Cleaning product smells

And much more.

Germ and Virus Removal

We've all had the awkward situation where we have been joined by a colleague who has decided to 'be a martyr' and come into work when they are feeling under the weather or possibly COVID-19. While this is admirable, dealing with someone sniffling and snuffling next to you can be irritating.

What's more, if you happen to also catch a case of the sniffles, this might mean time off work, which isn't ideal.

Fortunately, some air purifiers are really effective at removing and killing germs. Substandard air purifiers may only trap particles. However, some types exist that bombard the filtered air with UV light, killing bugs and bacteria.

As a result, if you are working in a company, you can be reasonably assured that your colleagues won't share more than their project notes.

Calm Noises

Gentle background noise can actually be a great aid to concentration. You wouldn't want an air purifier that was distracting. Air purifiers actually produce a sort of low volume 'white noise' that can be surprisingly relaxing. It isn't so loud as to be off-putting, but the volume is such that it can help to reduce more distracting noises (from both inside and outside).

Will an Air Purifier Work Under a Desk?

Air purifiers don't have to be at head height. With powerful filters, they draw air in from wherever they are located. Ideally, you should opt for a model that draws air from several directions. Round air purifiers are generally considered the best in this regard. 

Air purifiers are so small that they can fit just about anywhere with a flat surface, including under a desk. The K2 air purifier from Clair Air is compact and stylish. It is a little over a foot tall, making it the perfect size to fit on or under your desk. 

What is a Good Air Purifier for an Office?

Clair Air purifiers will give you all of the above benefits. With 4 active filtration stages and the ability to remove germs and viruses, they are the ideal solution as an office air purifier. They can remove strong odors, pollutants and there are even additional optional accessories, such as the Clair Air bird, which will brighten your office and fill it with a relaxing scent.

Clair Air purifiers are fitted with HEPA filters, capable of trapping minuscule particles, and are also fitted with a UV filtration stage, meaning the air you breathe in the office will be as pure as it gets.

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